Shandong sogood hygiene products Co. LTD. is affiliated to Dongying jinshi state investment group, with more than ten subsidiaries,Shandong Sogood hygiene products Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. The production base is located in Dongying High-tech Zone, a key national economic development zone. It is the only comprehensive personal care sanitary goods enterprise in Dongying City, which integrates production, research and development, sales, service and foreign trade export. The implementation standard of the enterprise products is the name of medical equipment. Located in Dongying National Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company covers an area of more than 100 hectares. It owns many famous brands, such as Goodlove, Filier and so on. Its products include Goodlove diapers, Filier diapers, nursing mats, etc.

PRODUCT DISPLAYBest quantity, care pads, diapers ,and pull-ups ,Develop the own brand.
Super soft bamboo charcoal core diaper
Super soft charcoal  core stretch pants
Beibei pants
Feilier Baby medical care pad
goodlove  Baby        medical care pad
Feilier Medical   care pad
Feilier  adult daipers
Feilier  Adult pants
feilier menstrual pad
goodlove adult diapers  care for the old
goodlove Medical care  pad care for the old
goodlove Medical care
goodlove adult diapers
goodlove Skin cleansing wipes
goodlove Baby wipes
goodlove Kitchen wipes
goodlove Toilet wipes
goodlove Ladies' special clean wet towel
goodlove Shoe wipes
goodlove pet wipes
puppy pads
puppy pads
product:Diaper   Lara trousers    Nursing mat   Wet towel Crowd:Adult   Baby   Pregnant woman   Pet business:Diaper agent   Investment in nursing mats   Wet towel wholesale Nursing pad OEM brand:
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NO.59 HuiHe Road,Dongying district,Dongying city,Shandong,china
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Company address:NO.59 HuiHe Road,Dongying district,Dongying city,Shandong,China
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