Baby the most aged stop using diapers?More than this age is late!

Many parents in order to convenience graph save trouble, will always let the children wearing diapers to age 3, 4;Some parents are impatient at 1, 2 years old child begins to put urine...What kind of practice is correct?All wrong!

1, give the child to wear diapers, not to make adult save trouble

Diapers can reduce the burden of raising, really can reduce the disturb for baby again at the same time, we advocate let nature take its course.

But as children grow up, diapers for the necessity of children will gradually reduce, will gradually reveal.

If you just for the sake of brevity figure is convenient, can let the child over-reliance on diapers.If the baby has a larger, or all-weather diapers, servants may later than don't wear diapers, baby learn to suppress the urine, so easy to wet the bed.

Neighborhood has a baby, almost 6 years old still wetting the bed.Get up trouble, because parents feel the night had been sleep to children wear diapers, this ensures that children don't wake up for a night.Worse, in the long run, the child grew up night urination, does not build good nerve reflex, also can not wake up to, so wet the bed would be easy to understand.

So, if you found that the baby after 5 years of age and often wet the bed, then you have to think about it, before use diapers when the time is too long?The baby into the habit, think urine urine, bladder no opportunity to exercise, so I can't control urine.

2, don't let the urine, it caused great damage to the child!

"To the urine," seems to be in raising a child will do.Parents like to like to baby can sit to stand began to try to give the baby urine, even exchange experiences with each other.

But in fact, "the urine the" itself is a violation, deprived of baby's capacity for independent control, early to put the urine of children is no good!

"Training" child urinate, then, is better than waiting for the child feel micturition, toilet uncomfortable.Parents want their children to learn on their own as soon as possible to urinate, then, tend to work hard, can not meet the expected effect.

Child at the age of 2, 2.5, will feel the urination, uncomfortable in diapers, would in front of the bowel movement to parents signal accurately, parents at this time as long as the circumstances to take children to sit on the toilet, make children to develop and implement the relationship defecate, will soon establish normal bowel habit.Early stressed that it is easy to cause children inner resistance, the result often backfire.

3, so the baby the most aged stop using diapers?

The American academy of pediatrics studies show that children of discharge control muscle generally reach maturity in 12 to 24 months, with an average age of 18 months.

At night during the day to relieve control function of mature sequence is: control and function at night > > control during the day and function > > urinary continence function during the day > > urinary continence function at night.

So, parents can do this:

1 and half years old before use diapers as far as possible, let the baby can follow one's inclinations of urine, cause no psychological burden, also can have a good sleep.

After 1 and half years old or start can try to remove the diapers during the day, at the age of 2 child urinate to potty training or the toilet;Still need to use diapers at night as a child's ability to control the urine increases, then gradually get rid of diapers at night.

Before the age of three, though cannot be fully learn to automatic micturition bowel movements, but can develop the good habit of micturition defecation, had better stop using diapers after 3 years old.

But the timing of each baby diapers "ring" is different, with the baby's physical development status, parents have to advance education, life if there is a good example.

In general, children physiological mature enough, is a good time to "quit" diapers.If have can surely, sitting on the toilet can express their physiological needs, know to take off pants to urine, etc.

Warm prompt:When the baby can't automatic micturition, before it is better to wear diapers, this not only is convenient, the key is cleaner.If worry about diapers covering her children, to urinate, then empress timely replacement.

In addition, as long as it doesn't use diapers, to the child should wear underwear, whether boys or girls, wore diapers or cotton underwear, can have very good protection effect.Note: don't give their children wear open-backed pants.

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