How to recognize adult diapers?

Adult diapers are used for adult care and can only be used at one time. The function is similar to that of baby diapers, but this product is suitable for adults, especially for incontinent adults, such as mothers. Adult diapers in general with a large amount of water, and no leakage features, so doctors often recommend women in diapers with lochia during nursing pad use.

Generally, the structure of adult diaper is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside, the inner layer is close to the skin, and is made of non-woven fabrics. The middle layer is made of water absorption fluff pulp, and the high polymer water absorbent is added; the outer layer is a waterproof plastic film.

Adult diapers many brands, both international brands, domestic brands also include local brands and market existing brands: silk, Tena, class, cross and Zhu Yisheng, with blue lily, Ann Kang, thousands of elegant and reliable, with dew, pack adult, help adult day health,, white cross, Huiquan, help support, Wen Defu, Zhen Qi, GEOX, grace, the professor read etc..

Quasi mainly depends on product quality and specifications of the mother to buy, but also consider the diapers lock water ability, permeability, flexibility, leak proof design, the most important and cannot be ignored is according to the actual situation to choose individual. Specific how to do, pay attention to what details, you can refer to more relevant information.

First, how to buy adult diapers?

Facing the problems with incontinence, parents often face and secretive, say a lie. At this point, it is more necessary to do children's parents can read the lies, and choose the best diapers to feed the parents of the grace. Then how to choose the best quality adult diapers, please see the following 4 standards:

1, the amount of absorption is super?

Urine flow rate, speed, need diapers have super absorption ability, can prevent leakage of urine.

2. Is the surface soft?

Urinary incontinence, the elderly skin is very fragile, diapers surface material, must be soft, do not knock, touch the skin of the elderly.

3, whether anti permeability, bedsore prevention, complications, bedsore, is one of the most common complications of the clinic, the rapid development of the disease, difficult to cure, relapse easily after treatment, has become the number one killer in bedridden patients". Many elderly people who suffer from urinary incontinence may suffer from bedsore if they do not take care of it.

4, whether close fitting, effective leak proof?

Diapers wear must be comfortable, close fitting, regardless of the elderly move around, turn over, can not produce side leakage, leakage problems.

Aging is one of the natural stages of life. The aging of the body will be accompanied by the arrival of the disease, so that people lose the right to enjoy a better life. Choose suitable adult diapers, can be targeted to solve different levels of incontinence problems. We need to face life, take care of life, and make great efforts to help every old man start a better life with a little improvement.

Two, adult diapers how to use?

About how to use adult diapers, in fact, and the use of baby diapers is the same way. The main attention to the two principles, first, wear: as easily as underwear can put on; second, off: from the urine pants on both sides ripped off, off or underwear can be removed.

Adult diapers for the crowd:

1, suitable for moderate and severe incontinence, paralytic patient, postpartum lochia etc.

2, traffic jams, out of the toilet and the college entrance examination.

Such as during the world cup, in order to deal with the urgent situation occurs when occupying wait, a lot of hope in the outdoor cheer for the team of young fans are choosing to buy adult diapers.

Adult diapers features:

1, like real underwear as easy to wear off, comfortable and comfortable.

2, unique funnel type super instantaneous suction system, absorbs wet urine up to 5~6 hours, the surface is still dry.

3, 360 degrees stretch breathable waist, personal comfort, action without bondage.

4, absorption layer contains anti taste factors, inhibit embarrassment, smell, fresh at all times.

5 、 soft elastic leakproof septum, comfortable and leak proof.

Three, the use of adult diapers note

Although the use of adult diapers is not difficult, but the use of time, but also need to pay attention to relevant matters.

1, urine pants dirty, should be replaced immediately, otherwise, always wearing stuffy wet urine pants, not only unsanitary, also on the body is not good.

2, diapers used up, you want to use diapers wrapped, thrown into the trash can, do not flush in the toilet, after all, diapers are different from toilet paper, it will not dissolve.

3, can not use sanitary napkins instead of adult diapers. Although the use of diapers and sanitary napkins are very similar, but definitely can not use sanitary napkins instead of, because the sanitary napkin design is different from adult diapers, has a unique water absorption system.

4, adult diapers, most of the products purchased for the sheet, wearing shorts after type. Glued to a pair of shorts. At the same time to adjust the adhesive sheet waist size, in order to fit different body fat. Therefore, the use of attention should be adjusted to wear the appropriate degree.

5, a clear understanding of their situation, go out when ready enough amount of diapers, do not need to use the time at a loss.

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