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Recently, Canada's latest official statistics show that the country's elderly population 65 and older more than the population of children under 14 years of age and for the first time.The country is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the National Day, faced with the increasingly prominent aging problem.In fact, China is also a serious aging country, by the end of 2016, the national population who aged over 60, 230 million, accounting for 16.7% of the total population.


Good love adult diapers, adult diapers when large amount of absorption composite bottom membrane innovators, the real high-end brands

Behind these data, means that an aging population trends will medical services to the society, such as family care constitute a growing challenge.Among them, the adult diapers as one of the elderly care products, a surge in demand.At present, China's conservative estimate need to use the disability of adult diapers when the old man nearly 40 million people in total, 4 slices per capita daily use, annual demand of our country's adult diapers when about 58.5 billion pieces.

Population aging is serious, adult diapers when the market is likely to be a gusher.In many of the adult diapers when brands has been available, their functions are similar, price difference is more, consumers choose the dazzling, do not know how to start.If you want to buy adult diapers when to use, or want to see the quality of products and the use of performance.In terms of adult diapers, uptake, comfort, leakproof is its selection criteria.

Can have a combination of the uptake of very large, crisp air permeability, comfortable cotton closely leakproof design flexibility, so it worth to buy a diapers.Optimal end of love as a large amount of absorption composite membrane adult diapers when innovators, with really big amount, the magic button, the bottom of the composite film, super soft breathable adult diapers won numerous consumer trust, in front of the huge market demand insisted on each piece of real.

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