Shandong shun kang company organization of enterprises production line staff to study Tours

In order to let employees understand and experience the development of the company, employees feel personally work and life situation,8day4, shun kang company staff in the general manager under the leadership of comrade PeiMingJiang line altogether12People in dongying, China petrochemical group corporation suye, dongying shenzhou nonwovens co., LTD. Visit the learning.

8Point, visiting team drove.Although the weather was very hot, but in pei total have a detailed introduction and interpretation of dongying development zone enterprise development status and the municipal districts along the way, etc., can make only a little hot, no helping exhaustion and hard work, serious pei total explained.


9when10Points, shun kang company employees a line of beeline to dongying petrochemical group corporation.Got off the bus, pei total corporation started to employees on the history of the development course and the old and the new office address, under the leadership of the leadership of the company, everyone has to head office authority office and showroom in one by one to visit.In the process of the whole study Tours, shun kang company general manager comrade PeiMingJiang carefully explain for everybody corporation enterprise background and the subordinate status of each subsidiary.


Then a line of suye visit to China to learn, to the enterprise in a doorway, I was in dongying petrochemical group corporation in China, the company in general sun warm in reception, in general, led by sun to visit the office area, and studied the China sales model, in the workshop always give sun shun kang company employees in detail the variousFor use and production situation.



In automatic production workshop, everyone was shocked scene, a great deal of production workshop, a myriad of machinery and equipment in linkage operation, the workers nervous work……You in high spirit, show the intention of praise to the company achievements, in hope of look forward to the development of the enterprise, especially it can be seen that under the leadership of the leadership of the group leaders and enterprise, perseverance, struggle, create the brilliant today, for generations of China and the people provides jobs, get rich and talent platform, the prosperous economic development.


Study Tours during the shenzhou nonwovens enterprises, listened to the memories of pei total production status, look at present in the eyes of modern machinery and equipment, we marvel at the shenzhou nonwovens development rapidly, to give small home from everybody, boldly into the shenzhou, perennial struggle in the frontline employees with great awe of.

In the afternoon14PM return, visit the learning staff have said: the trip to dongying excellent companies production and operation conditions have a deeper understanding, to shun kang company wide development prospects.Although we not in production line, but our heart is construction company, after return will start from their own, learn the excellent enterprise staff the spirit of hard work, positive, and wishes the dongying petrochemical group, and each subsidiary sustainable and healthy development, efforts to achieve one hundred petrochemical, casting a new take-off!

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