Shandong shun Kang Weisheng supplies a new staff product knowledge training

2017years8month2On the afternoon14Points, in the shandong shun Kang Weisheng supplies co., LTD., at the invitation of domestic sales department, shandong shun kang production leadership and domestic sales department for shandong shun kang67In the new staff engaged in a related WeiPin industry product knowledge training.

The training mainly around the product production process knowledge and WeiPin industry product problems in the process of consumers to use.

First of all, is the production department section chief huang elaborated our company production of the daily management of the system and the status of the production.

Then produced by shandong shun kang factory director comrade Xia Lingwei to teach new employees about WeiPin related eisai basic knowledge and the product range, by analyzing some cases of domestic well-known brands, specific interpretation of the advantages and shortcomings of some traditional products and new products, and in the process of consumers to use, and how to prevent.And with the actual case of pictures and video, let you visually see some wrong method of use of the effects of the use is more direct, more profound remind employees to treat our customers to be patient with the interpretation of communication.


After shun kang company will continue to expand in according to the training plan according to the relevant discussion and communication meeting, please l

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