How to effectively care baby hips, prevent diaper rash?

Source: China National Children's network

Charm than dry silk thin diapers, dry and breathable, new ideas to prevent baby diaper rash

Zero sensitivity full core

The structure of the three layer locks the water and never gets up and continues.

3D drilling, super soft flash, quick drying surface

Double eversion, anti leakage, heightening, double eversion, leakproof barrier, effective leak prevention, better movement.

Spinning composite breathable bottom membrane

Gentle care, quick discharge of hot and humid moisture, lasting dry, effective prevention of red fart.

Full core film instantaneous suction lock water

Polymer lock water material, lock moisture, no reverse osmosis, super soft soft bottom membrane.

In addition to the selection of good breathable diapers, but also often take a bath, frequently change diapers, diaper rash, eczema is not a day to develop the prevention of these symptoms, the effort is not a day can.

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