2017 Chinese pregnant baby exhibition opening | Dawei Youjia blockbuster debut with LT DUCK

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On July 2017 19-21, seventeenth CBME China pregnant baby exhibition will be held in Shanghai. David and added as one of the exhibitors participated in this industry event, this is the first appearance of Damrey gifted and domestic top pregnant baby show.

CBME Chinese pregnant baby show is committed to promoting international exchanges and cooperation and promote global trade of baby industry, has gone through 16 years of accumulation of success.

It is understood that the 2017 CBME pregnant baby exhibition attracted 2662 exhibitors and 3952 brands to participate in, the parties will jointly dig baby industry value, meet the new demands of consumers.

(2017CBME exhibition site)

Then, David gifted and its products will be fully unveiled the Shanghai pregnant baby exhibition, in addition to the recent market by Po mom touted small acridine Becky diapers, fruit puree, Daweibei biscuits, cakes and other meat products, also exhibited new products - Daweibei organic rice milk, which will further enrich and David with the product line.

LT DUCK yellow duck debut fun China baby show

In many of the brands, the young David gifted and is a most beautiful scenery undoubtedly. At the beginning of this year, Davey Youjia made Hongkong famous brand toys -- LT Duck Classic Yellow Duck authorization, and launched a series of a small Becky diapers. In the baby show, David Youjia will jointly LT DUCK yellow duck appeared together, the interpretation of corporate philosophy to the industry to duck image.

(David 2017CBME- Youjia exhibition site)

LT Duck Huang duck, after decades of historical development and innovation, has now become a benchmark for Chinese cultural enterprises, but also in 2017, Hongkong 20th anniversary official image of the creative image. The image of positive and positive energy occupies an indelible position in the minds of the new generation parents. Therefore, Dawei gifted and hope that through the Hongkong duck classic image of IP, starting from the product concept, enhance the awareness of products in the consumer groups in the.

David and will to childlike and memories of the yellow duck booth image as the core, closer to the consumer distance, at the same time with the "duck" effect, a full range of brand strength of the show, teaming up with more partners to explore a broader future value.

The product line and continue to improve the overall appearance and family David

In this exhibition, with its products and David will be fully unveiled. Since the product is available, David gifted and gratifying results, whether it is a joint LT DUCK a little Becky diapers, or designed for infants and children developed Daweibei fruit paste, biscuits, Rousu, by the majority of infant family love and favor.

Even more surprising is that as the infant supplementary food industry upstart, David and will bring consumers at the same time a new infant supplementary food - Daweibei organic rice milk series.

Products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, is the first choice for infants complementary food. As one of the important food supplement, it adopts professional wet drum drying process and the enzymatic wet process, to some extent improve the digestibility of rice milk, rice milk to Chongdiao dissolved quickly, more suitable for the bottle punching, after dissolving become easy to let the baby suck the water emulsion, so called rice milk. This greatly reduces the baby may appear after eating discomfort.

In addition, Daweibeimi dairy developed DHA wheat millet, millet, carrot probiotic high iron calcium iron zinc walnut four flavors, making rice milk tastes more diversified, meet the baby needs. Rice milk series launched, will become successful and add another piece of puzzle David into the infant food market.

Many participate in the exhibition baby industry insiders said, as was only more than a year of David excellent Canada, unexpectedly has established such a comprehensive and complete product line, the explosive force is really amazing! Now, with five new blockbuster full debut, David Youjia will further release the target consumer groups consumption potential, continue to meet the growing needs of consumers.

Take quality as the core to build the ecological circle of infant food supplement

David Youjia was founded in 2016, is a young and vibrant diversified trading company, is committed to the broad masses of children to create a healthy, comfortable, creative products. Company palm Tuo people have many years of FMCG industry, infant industry first-line management experience. The inception of the company, and planned growth line David clear for yourself:

Step 1: Poly target, positioning infant supplement food and supplies market;

Step 2: quick response, the establishment and improvement of the quality and product structure with david;

Step 3: LT DUCK, United baby island and other elite partners, to build the industrial chain of their own camp, work together to build a more broad prospects for cooperation.

As the main battlefield of David Youjia, although promising infant supplementary food market, but there is the phenomenon of uneven in quality of product quality. In the face of consumer demand upgrading, product homogeneity serious challenges, and the person in charge of David and opinion, a "bad money drives out good money" of the industrial revolution is coming.

Since the infant supplementary food market, and always adhere to the quality of the bottom line with david. Whether it is Daweibei fruit mud or Daweibei biscuits, are strict in accordance with the national standard production, unlike the market under the banner of "infant supplementary food" banner sales manufacturers. As a new industry, and with David will be based on the quality of the products, consumers will get more attention, "the baby is preferred,

"Health plus" product concept will further become popular in China's infant market.

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