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Understanding diapers -- the physical structure of paper diaper"

Generally speaking, diaper consists of three main parts: table bread coating, absorbent core and bottom cloth.

1. coat of bread

Close to the baby's body, its main function is to ensure rapid penetration of urine, and effectively prevent the back of the seepage, so that the surface of urine pants remain dry. Diapers on the domestic market is basically a nonwoven fabric surface layer, breathable non-woven fabric can enhance the degree of internal breathable diaper, water vapor can be outside the circulation to the diaper, timely discharge of moisture and heat, effectively reduce the chance of diaper rash, does not stimulate the skin soft and comfortable.

2. absorption core layer

The main function of this layer is to capture and rapidly absorb urine, disperse urine, or diffuse it into the entire core by capillary action, eventually absorbing and storing urine.

At present, the absorption core layer of paper diaper mainly consists of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and super absorbent resin (SAP).

3. base cloth

Many foreign diapers have been used more comfortable non-woven fabrics, but because the price is high, the domestic market diapers cloth is still mainly composed of PE film.

Buy diapers - diapers purchase stickers

1., the purchase should first pay attention to the logo on the package is standardized.

According to China's light industry standards on diapers (including paper diapers / mats) regulations, diapers sales package should be marked as follows:

A product name, standard number, hygienic standard number, birth license number and trademark;

Name and address of the manufacturer of B;

C product range, quantity and grade;

Production date and batch number of D products.

2. make the most appropriate choice by trial.

Each manufacturer has their own personalized design, length and width are different, Mommy can according to the actual situation of the baby and their preferences, is suitable for your baby to try bravely, so the most practical method is beginning to buy a small amount, then according to the following diapers diapers ready for reference the standard to check the purchase, brand and product to look at the effect of the final purchase decision.

Standard reference for "easy to use" paper diaper:

* high absorption capacity

This reduces the frequency of the changes and does not disturb the baby during sleep. Also, rapid absorption reduces the time that urine contact with the skin and naturally reduces the chance of diaper rash in the baby.

* dry and no return

If the bottom is always wet contact surface, the baby uncomfortable, and prone to long diaper rash.

* breathable and stuffy

Air permeability is an important condition for the protection of baby and immature skin.

3., try to use well-known brands of diapers.

The production of raw materials and equipment of these products are mostly imported, the production environment is in accordance with national requirements, so the quality will be guaranteed.

4., as far as possible in large shopping malls or supermarkets to buy, because its purchase channels are guaranteed.

Use diapers -- use stickers for diapers

Important principle: each baby's skin condition is different, the applicable products are also different.

Trilogy of use skills:

1. baby after the use of wipes (the market has dedicated baby wipes sold) will be small buttocks wiped clean, every time you change diapers, thoroughly clean the child's skin, will help reduce the skin may be stimulated.

2. wipe clean, and then coated with a layer of protective buttocks cream, to protect the baby's small buttocks.

3., finally to the baby replaced with new diapers.

Time requirement for changing diapers:

In principle, as long as the diapers wet or dirty, it should be replaced, in general, not more than 4 hours should be replaced diapers, stool must be replaced. But Mommy can't keep the baby on the spot all the time, and sometimes it's hard to know when the baby will have a "situation" (especially a baby), so you need to pay special attention to the following points:

1. before or after each feeding.

2. after every bowel movement.

3. before going to bed.

4. when the baby wakes up.

5. when you take your baby out.

Intimate tips:

1. have allergies, should immediately stop using. If you find that the skin of your baby's buttocks is red, you can choose from the following options:

A for another brand of diapers may be no problem, because the baby's skin has individual differences, physical fitness is different, so the applicable brands and products are also different.

B uses the most traditional diapers to transition.

C uses these two methods instead of a period of time, re-use of this brand, baby may adapt.

2., the use of baby skin care products, such as oil, powder or shower gel, etc., should pay special attention to do not allow them to stick on the tape, so as not to reduce their adhesion.

3., before changing diapers, Mommy should hand clean, to avoid the hands of bacteria touching the baby's skin.

4. the diapers shall be kept in a dry, ventilated, non exposed indoor environment to protect against rain, snow, and ground moisture, and shall not be stored in the presence of contaminated or toxic chemicals.

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