China pregnant baby exhibition opened in Shanghai, maternal enterprise 73% is confident of the marke

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In July 19th, seventeenth CBME children, Chinese pregnant baby exhibition exhibition opening at the Shanghai National Convention center. This year's CBME China attracted 2662 exhibitors, including Pigeon, Balabala, Britax, Disney, HAPE, good children, Wyeth, Mead Johnson 3952 from around the world famous brand to bring new products to the exhibition platform to find opportunities for cooperation.

In July 19th, seventeenth CBME children, Chinese pregnant baby exhibition exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention Center, a total of nearly 4000 brands more than 2600 exhibitors in the exhibition debut. Xinhua News Agency map

Nelson's latest survey shows that the first quarter of 2017, the Chinese consumer confidence index reached the peak of two years, the new generation of 90 represented by the new consumer and the desire to upgrade strongly. When these consumers gradually become the main consumer market for children's clothing, the mother and baby industry continues to maintain rapid development.

The earlier release of "2017CBME Chinese baby industry survey report" shows that 73% of the maternal enterprise of the future market is expected Chinese confidence, maternal enterprise growth of 86%, 66% of the expected growth of more than 20% enterprises.

The report also shows that 52% of brands believe that more attention should be paid to quality and consumer demand. Moreover, both retailers, brands, and agents believe that innovation is a key factor in determining a brand's strength, and that it is the first time they have reached a consensus on the importance of "innovation capability".

In addition, many maternal and child brands are also actively layout subdivision areas. According to the "survey report" China baby industry released by 2017CBME, 45% of the brand should be more focus on market segments.

The original concept of mother and child also extended to pregnant, infants, children, exhibitors from the exhibits are also easy to see, only "child" this concept, we can according to different age groups of demand, to develop a variety of possibilities.

In addition to the distinction between rigid indicators such as age, many brands aim at niche areas, digging new scenes such as parent-child entertainment and family parenting. Such as Su Ning, the child has opened a children's playground, infants and SPA Museum and other specific scene services. At the same time, it to experience, play based store model, focusing on the maternal and child enterprises in the experience and service innovation, but also in May 2017 launched the first file homemade parent-child variety live program "cool run, red children.".

In addition to the pure mother brand, surging news reporters also noted that the show appears more and more cross-border pregnant baby industry of traditional enterprise figure.

BELLE International's Teenmix, Tata and other brands began to enter the field of children's shoes and children's shoes in 4 years ago, mainly in the form of shopping malls to seek to join. In the exhibition site, BELLE's two booths are constantly coming from Shandong, Hunan and other dealers around the country came to inquire about cooperation.

The traditional brand also Luolai tentacles will pregnant baby industry in recent years. The brand division director Xu Chengyong told the surging news, previously has been the Carolina maternal product line, but relatively few varieties, and just below the big brands to Carolina, not a separate department. But in recent years the rapid development of the market to see the mother, we put this one established a separate division, called Carolina children." The person in charge said.

Traditional brands into the mother and child market must go through the stage of exploration. In the beginning of Carolina as an example, according to the traditional textile business model, opened a number of maternal stores, found that "hard down", then continue to enrich the product line, to meet the bedding outside products, such as maternal dress, home soft decoration, made the experience Home Furnishing hall, to meet the diverse needs of maternal consumers. In the mall counters also withdraw from the Carolina comprehensive cabinet, do independent Carolina children's counter, set in the baby supplies floor. After a series of adjustments, the effect of sales growth has gradually emerged.

Xu Chengyong also told the surging news, unlike the traditional retail, maternal and infant industry as a whole to the good, and profits considerable. First of all, he thinks, now after 85, 90 after a number of new consumer attitudes change, very willing to spend money for their children, this is the guarantee on the demand side; in addition, it's this one category in terms of the different from general fashion, due to the low sensitivity of the iterative design, updating can be slower this inventory risk is smaller, the gross margin is also higher.

But he also said, now in the industry competition is fierce, "big boy's clothing has basically been saturated, and expand the room for children."

The CBME Chinese baby show organizers UBM China director Ma Ying also very optimistic about the prospects for the industry, and encourage businesses to tap the demand. She told the surging news: "Chinese consumers are willing to spend money on children, industry trends must be good.". The baby industry has been watching a lot of the investment community, industry in the process of moving forward, also appeared in the fierce competition, it is natural for consumers, is a good thing for businesses, whether it is the design and manufacture of the product itself, or retail, must continue to dig up some new requirements, make their own showing the characteristics of business, to be able to lead the sustainable growth."

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