The baby's diapers How do you choose?

   Beijing chaoyang district lee child seven months old, with diapers more usually, while online sales promotion bought four big box.Just for a couple of days, child, always cry.Ms. Li, found that children ass long blisters, she hurriedly took the child to a hospital checking.Diagnosis is that children suffer from severe fungal allergy, problem is likely to be out on the diapers."But little diapers can bring such a big problem, it is safe to exactly what kind of?"Ms. Lee puzzled.

  Baby diapers convenient replacement, simple operation.Diapers, however, the brand is multifarious, product quality is uneven.Tianjin consumer society has on the market of 34 group diapers samples comparison test and found that although the sample permeability, microbial indicators, such as the national standard requirements, but in eight different test standard test project.

  Among them, 11 set of samples with formaldehyde, 2 set of samples of formaldehyde by 200%;34 group samples bibulous rate gap between the measured value is bigger, the largest 61 times;34 group sample abrasion resistance there is a certain difference, 11 groups of mild fluff, moderate pile of two groups, one group obviously fluff;34 group samples sticky buckle binding force difference is bigger, the best adhesion force was 34.1 Newton, the worst just 8.5 Newton, a difference of 4 times;34 group of appearance quality of the samples after use and portability fluorescent material tests are up to standard.In addition, in the light of consumer the most want to know whether the quality of online there is a difference, after inspection, found that 1 set of sample in microbial indicators, formaldehyde content, bibulous ratio index have obvious differences.

Tianjin consumer association warns customer, when buying diapers should be "three" :

   See the design size.Choose suitable size according to the child's body shape, body weight diapers products, and timely observing the baby's body shape change.Baby diapers is too small, wearing uncomfortable;Is too large, easy to leak.When necessary, first choose small package diapers to try out the product, and to determine the style and model is more suitable for baby.

   See the cost performance.Infant diapers is fast consumable, the dosage is very large.The comparative test of the actual buying diapers, single chip price gap between the top and bottom 5 times as much, but in fact, most of the performance of the brand.When the choose and buy baby diapers, don't blindly pursue high prices, foreign brands.

   See related information.Check carefully when buy product packaging is complete, whether to indicate the product name, executive standard number, trademark and enterprise name, address, contact information, product specifications, quantity, production date, shelf-life, mounted the main production raw material, the range of the weight etc.The recent production of choose and buy products as much as possible.After purchase, check whether the paper is consistent with the product, the paper information is detailed, and keep the related documents, so that the communication to solve problems.

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